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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 35 years exerience. She received her initial training at The Temple of Kriya Yoga, Chicago. This branch of yoga was brought to the United States by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi."

In 1972, Belinda received her Master Teacher of Hatha Yoga certification, and graduated from the Temple seminary program in 1974. Over the years, Belinda has shared the ancient arts of yoga and astrology with thousands of people.

Since 1992, Belinda's popular astrology column "What's UP," has provided guidance through a variety of publications. This monthly forecast, applicable to everyone, is currently published through her monthly e-newsletter "WHAT'S UP?" and on her website,

To this day, Belinda's accurate, healing and insightful readings are sent to clients around the globe. In person, or over the phone, Belinda is available in her Asheville, North Carolina office. Decades of experience with meditation, yoga, energy medicine and nutrition, round out her ability to offer a transforming experience upon your life path.


"By the way, when you did my future trends reading, we discussed the possibility of several people coming into my life to partner with in various ways. I thought you would like to know just how accurate your reading has been. Also, your assistance in timing mediation and legal activities has given me peace of mind at a time of potential stress. Thanks for being such a clear oracle!" D.R., N.C

"When I started having spontaneous memories of childhood abuse, Belinda was the one I called. Through working on the spiritual level, I went from fear, hate and anger to forgiveness. A complete understanding came that is even beyond forgiveness. I experienced this whole process so quickly, all in the space of a year. Amazing. Thank you Belinda." G.L., Easley, SC

" Belinda has the incredible knack for getting right to the heart of the matter, by starting with just the right question or comment.   By the time she is done weaving her intuitively-guided story of astrological characters, I feel more balanced and better able to deal with whatever the Universe is showing me.  I've worked with many astrologers over the years, but Belinda's approach is special, and I'm grateful to have her as a guide." L.B., R.N.

"Belinda, you are a beloved Star Traveller, come to Earth to remind others of their celestial heritage. The time is right for each of us to wake up to expanding powers, and join the delight and wonder awaiting." N.G., Flat Rock. NC

"Working with Belinda is delightful experience. I find her to have integrity, and can sense her respect for the process. Not only did Belinda help me select a date for elective surgery, she assisted in clearing the emotions around the surgery. This put my mind at ease. During another consultation, Belinda helped me gain insight and clarity into circumstances effecting my entire family." NB, Artist & Expressive Arts Thereapist

"Belinda's mastery of intuitive interpretation sets 'the gold standard' for working with, understanding and gaining helpful insight from one's astrological chart."
K.E., EFT-ADV, CMET Practitioner

"Belinda has helped me clarify and focus my life. I have gained a sense of well-being and peace within  myself through her guidance. I trust her experience and connection with Divine Source." N.A.. Administrative Assistant


All consultations are recorded, and come with FREE 10 minute follow-up. In person consultations are given in Asheville, North Carolina office. Additionally, she is available by telephone, email and recordings. Thank you for your interest in astrology.

Belinda C. Dunn
16 Norton Lane
Arden, North Carolina 28704




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