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Every human, from time immemorial, has gazed deeply into the night sky. Wonder filled each one. The sky plays into our wildest imagination, desire and aspiration. Instinctively we sense space holding answers to the origin of life, and our place in Creation. This wonder is primordial, sacred and ancient. As an astrologer I am fascinated with the night sky. Early memories take me back to this lovely, peaceful, star filled sky.

Every personal journey has many twists and turns. We never know what is around the bend until the corner is turned. In 1971, I turned a corner and found a temple built of love. Founded by Goswami Kriyananda, the Temple of Kriya Yoga became my refuge; a spiritual home where my soul rested and rejoiced. In addition to being an adept yogi, Kriyananda was also an astrologer. I discovered that yoga and astrology are interwoven aspects of a 6,000 year old Vedic tradition.

Like most people, I went to my first astrology reading with curiosity. As Kriyananda began to describe my life, curiosity quickly turned to amazement. The accuracy was unmistakable. I had to know more! I quickly became a student of the stars; a student of life.

One of Kriyananda's statements was "massive artistry, primarily mental creativity." He did not know that I spent my childhood painting and drawing. A writer? This character assessment did not register for years. At the time, my day job was a secretary for Kiwanis International, the service clubs. I was doing the foreign correspondence for Kiwanis, and did not dream the hours upon hours of writing was setting the stage for mental creativity.

Another timely and amazing prediction Kriyananda gave me was to avoid doing anything drastic during a certain week. He said I would feel like I had to do something, and if I chose to act, then it would take me off my path for an entire year. Well, I went stumbling ahead, and sure enough, it took me a year to get back on course. Although this built my confidence and knowledge of astrological timing, it was a very painful and challenging experience. However, this information clarified the fact that I was off course in my heart's desire. I discovered the power of having a life map.

I was a secretary by day, and astrologer by night. After work, I would rush to my studio apartment, and investigate the cosmos. Passionately consumed, lunch hours found me pouring over charts. Curious co-workers offered their birth data. My office became a laboratory, rich with the opportunity to observe human behavior. As planets moved across a star filled sky, I watched people have good days and challenging days. I observed humans living like clockwork, all the while reflecting a Divinely ordered universe.

I entered wholeheartedly into the temple seminary program, and was ordained a minister in 1974. This program fanned the flames of my heart's desire. We studied all religions, finding the common tread among them all. Mysticism, yoga, astrology and psychology formed the basis of these studies. In order to accomplish this, I had to break free of family history. Obviously, this was a very unique path. Eventually, my parents saw that I would not be deterred and this yoga phase was not going away. Over the years, they have offered their love and support.

My experiences prove the power of knowing the astrological chart. Once I was skilled enough to interpret my personal chart, I could see various factors pointing to this unusual career course. The seminary program encompassed all that I knew intuitively, and gave me a way to minister to people. My heart had direction. After thirty years, I have not wavered. I find great joy and satisfaction in serving people along their life journey.

Over the years, my most fascinating laboratory has been my family. In 1977 I entered the sacred domain of motherhood. Five children later, I am amazed at the role astrological awareness has played in the raising of my children. From the moment of their birth, I watched their charts unfolding. Now, they come to me for insight and direction. Character traits, proclivities, parental impact, talents and lessons. . . all are revealed from the stellar blueprint formed at the first breath. It is very easy to see dysfunctional patterns, and I use the power of this knowledge to empower families. While I enjoy many areas of astrology, my specialities are personal empowerment and family relationships.

The rest is history. For over thirty years, I have stood on the bridge between heaven and Earth. In my lifetime, I hope to see astrology elevated out of the domain of fortune telling and into its true purpose. Repeatedly, I have seen astrology transform the inevitable blows of life. This knowledge develops equanimity, patience and appreciation for cycles. Through awareness we transform character, and thus our life circumstances. Through awareness we activate free will, softening our astrological blueprint. Conscious participation elevates and heals. What a blessing it is to be living my heart's desire as I encourage people to discover and rejoice in the mystery of their unique life expression.

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